Matt Shanks: Small adventures in words and pictures

Custom artwork for childrens’ rooms and nurseries

I love to do custom illustrations for parents and family friends who want to spruce up a young child’s bedroom or nursery with something personal. I hear some wonderful stories about how children and parents engage with my art.

Unfortunately, due to my current workload I’m unable to take custom illustration requests until 2019.

If you’re interested in having an illustration just for you or someone you know and a delivery time of 2019 is OK, please get in touch to go on the waiting list.

The stuff you probably want to know

  1. Cost: $250AU + shipping
  2. Size: Typically A3 in size and come unframed. They have approximately 10-20mm of border so you can frame them easily. If a different size is required, this can be arranged.
  3. Timeframe: It depends. I can’t really control how my brain works (it’s crazy I know). If you want more detail you can read about my process. It’s pretty relaxed because I want us both to have fun.

Some recent examples

03 Lia and Prasidius

AMAZING! I love it!! I sent it to her [mum] and called her… she burst into tears.
– Ruth, friend of Kate (Mum) and Lia, 1 year old

01 Emily-and-Benjamin

I don’t think I have the words to describe how beautiful I find your piece, nor do I think I can articulate how touched I am by it and the story. Your brain is remarkable! I’m in awe of how you made the connections you did to produce, what at first glance is such a simple concept. I also don’t think I can thank you enough for it.
– Alana (Aunty) for Emily, 1 year old


Framed picture of the final artwork

It’s absolutely gorgeous! I love it and the story is fabulous, so whimsical. I’ll be sure to print it out and stick it on the back when I frame it. It can be the start (or the finish) of some pretty wild bedtime stories.
– Alison (Mum) for Maxwell and Ruby, 2 & 5 years old


I love to get to know the people who like my work because chances are we’re pretty similar. An Etsy store is available for purchases of selected prints, prices range from $25-$35 depending on the size. If you want one that isn’t listed on Etsy, feel free to contact me; I have the capability to print one-offs of almost any piece.

More custom examples on Instagram Shop for prints