Matt Shanks: Small adventures in words and pictures

Iskra Vidnayev paints

In a dimly lit room, in a smoke-filled house, in a rainy cobble-stone street in a sleepy Russian township called Kratkovo, Iskra Vidneyev painted. She spent her days and nights obsessively beautifying the river tortoises she would find during her daily walks. Once a year, she would parade her proudest creation through town for all to see. This year, it was Yuri. Yuri was older than most but his shell reflected the pigments with a brilliance not even Iskra had seen before. He had never ventured beyond the river bank until now. All of a sudden, Yuri froze, filled with nervous anticipation. Iskra turned and assured him that all would be well but he couldn’t help but think, “Is this the life for me?”

Artwork Giclee print, unframed, signed by the artist
Paper Archival 300gsm Watercolour Hahnemuhle Etching
Size/s A5 - 210mm x 148mm
Includes Story card to mount alongside artwork
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Artist notes: Iskra's obsession with painting river tortoises came to me one day when I was sitting on the couch randomly sketching turtles. I started to put intricate patterns on shells and I was reminded of my own grandma who used to where those silk scarves with beautiful patterns of them.