Matt Shanks: Small adventures in words and pictures

Galileo, Father of the stars

The time had come, history had kindly requested that Galileo take his place in keeping watch over the stars. Armed with his powerful telescope and a sureity that the world had not yet seen, he observed, relentlessly. As he gazed at Jupiter, the Moon, the Milky Way and beyond, a warm glow of satisfaction quietly filled his soul. It was certain now, he had played his part in uncovering the greatest performance of all. His heart exploded with rapturous applause and sung for an encore; the interplanetary ballet had found its audience and would continue to entertain as long as human kind kept watching.

Artwork Giclee print, unframed, signed by the artist
Paper Archival 300gsm Watercolour Hahnemuhle Etching
Size/s A4 - 294mm x 210mm
Includes Story card to mount alongside artwork
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Artist notes: One of the paintings in my science series. I hope to eventually have 50 of the most influential scienctists illustrated. Yes, that's right, I'm quite the science nerd.